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Identifying and Preventing Burnout in Healthcare Professionals

Three years into the pandemic and healthcare workers and allied personnel around the world feel overburdened, exhausted and the chronic stress at work has led to “burnout” for millions of nurses, doctors, and frontline workers who toil hard relentlessly to ensure that quality healthcare is available for all.

Given the shortage of healthcare workers and to make up for the disparity between demand and supply, whether it’s a healthcare professional working in a hospital, nurse in a remote area, covid warrior, healthcare manager, tech person in healthcare, an individual running a medical startup, or student or teacher in a healthcare institute – all are susceptible to work-related stress.

Unfortunately, in India alone, one-fourth of healthcare workers suffer from the condition. A survey by the National Center for Biotechnology Information involving 2026 healthcare professionals from India revealed that burnout due to personal reasons was 44.6 percent, work-related stood at 26.9 percent, and 52.8 percent had pandemic-related burnout.

As a responsible non-profit organization, Equitable Healthcare Access Consortium (EHAC) believes in creating and promoting equitable healthcare access to all, including healthcare workers. Keeping this vision in mind, we are organizing a webinar on 3rd June at 7 pm IST when we will be delving deeper into the topic – Identifying and Preventing “Burnout” in Healthcare Professionals with a panel of international speakers.

We invite you all to become a part of the discussion.

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