Vision & Mission


Core Purpose

To Facilitate Equitable Healthcare for All.

(Elaboration of the core purpose)

To create and promote a network of organizations who will continually find ways to provide Equitable Healthcare Access to All through  outstanding synergies by embracing a culture of collaboration, cross learning, education and transformation.

Core Values – The 5 E’s

1. Excellence in Healthcare

EHAC shall enable excellence and high-quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, location, caste, community and socio-economic status, irrespective of their ability to pay.

2. Encourage Collaboration

EHAC shall put in place systems and processes to bring together diverse skills by exploring collaborative and complementary initiatives and leveraging cross-learning to maximize the benefit to the communities it serves.

3. Enabling Environment

EHAC shall work towards creating enabling environments that foster creative ways in which different organisations can work together, innovate ways to bring together public health and private practice, facilitate formulation of suitable healthcare policies by the government, assist in devising means to ensure sustainability of the member organisations and explore ways to enhance healthcare inclusivity in the society.

4. Ethical Behavior & Practices

EHAC shall endeavor to foster an ethical environment that motivates and supports young and idealistic professionals and organisations in the areas of healthcare, livelihood and education to work for the vision of EHAC. It shall bring on board members who are ethical both in precept and practice.

5. Evidence-Based Practice

EHAC shall leverage and document data, insights and knowledge, to enable sharing of best practices to deliver healthcare cost-effectively through creating a fast-paced learning environment, thus enabling sound research around evidence-based care through community pilot initiatives and partnerships, among others and encouraging all healthcare organisations to continually strengthen evidence-based practice.



(Big Hairy Audacious Goal, BHAG)

By 2023, the 200+ members of EHAC will positively impact the lives of over ten million people in the country, cumulatively through 100+ projects and collaborations as well as roll out of appropriate education on a massive scale across the country, thus facilitating equitable healthcare access to all irrespective of their ability to pay.

Vivid Description

We will bring together like-minded organizations in healthcare, livelihood and education sectors, which aspire to provide equitable healthcare access to all through cross-learning and collaborations that create synergy and provide sustainable healthcare solutions. We will do this by expanding the network and enrolling, motivating, engaging and mentoring organizations who have the intent but lack the know-how, facilities or the community connect required to provide equitable healthcare access to all, irrespective of their ability to pay. To this end, we will promote cost effective technologies and solutions, while advocating patient privacy and patient rights. We would be a cohesive group of member organizations spanning multi-disciplinary healthcare institutions, organizations that provide livelihood opportunities to the poor, and educational institutions that provide education, research and other support needed by our members to ensure that equitable healthcare is accessible to all, irrespective of their ability to pay. We will on-board members into our organization, who are committed to work ethically and collaboratively to promote equitable access to healthcare. By leveraging the diverse skills within our member base, we will explore collaborative and complementary initiatives that will expand the benefits to the community it serves. Our efforts will also be to induct for-profit organizations into our fold in order to motivate them and to help them channelize their energies to contribute to equitable healthcare access. We shall explore Public-Private Partnerships wherever possible. We will energize private healthcare providers as well as public healthcare services to be efficient and compassionate. In this manner, we will be a force multiplier in creating significant impact in Indian healthcare, at the levels of primary, secondary and tertiary care, while also working on policy advocacy and evangelizing ethical and equitable healthcare access for all.

Emphasis on primary care and skill-shifting of primary care to paramedical workers / health coaches at the village level requires a large-scale intervention at a national level to really make an impact. EHAC members will leverage their strong background in education and their brand value to make this a reality, through offering innovative educational programs to large audience, leveraging technology for mass roll-out. This will be done by a Task Force on Education comprising various experts in different specialties with public health background from existing EHAC members as well as special invitees. Recognizing that a curriculum roll-out and action plan at a mass scale can be accomplished only with the support / concurrence of the Government, EHAC will seek to develop strong linkages with public health experts including those in the Government. Such a curriculum would include a variety of subjects related to major disease burden, divided into urban, rural and tribal arenas, and when rolled out will ensure health for all. Additionally, a curriculum on ethics, among other topics, that is more appropriately delivered at an organizational level, will be part of the educational initiative of EHAC. The Task Force on Education will define from time-to-time what needs to be covered, who needs to be trained, what needs to be taught, how to impart the education, as well as any legal or social hurdles to be addressed.