Tribal boys and girls from the remote Gondwana area of Madhya Pradesh join SSISM to pursue their Bachelors & Masters Program in various streams of Science, Commerce, Arts and Management.

SSISM is exploring possibilities of providing their students in 2nd/3rd year of  B.Sc.(Biotechnology) and (Microbiology) on-the-job training with EHAC member organizations.  These students acquire theoretical knowledge but they lack the real time experience in applying these principles on the ground.  

One such collaborative effort that has borne fruit is with  Narayana Health , Bangalore.  They are providing a 2 month, free of cost training (Rs. 4500/per student),  to 10 rural girls, beginning 2nd Jan 2019, at their hospital.

This training will involve understanding of laboratory processes of Biochemistry and other fields as well as understanding management practices in healthcare. The girls will be able to explore new avenues of healthcare and open their minds to new possibilities.

Special thanks to  Narayana Health especially Dr. Hedge and Dr Kiran for all the help extended to fellow member SSISM!