Anita Dabi

In Celebration of the Last Mile

This interview was conducted by Ms. Swati Sisodia

Anita Dabi has been working as a staff nurse in the Maternity ward of SDH Government Hospital, Nathdwara Rajsamand, Rajasthan, for the last 21 years.

She hails from a very humble background and is the youngest amongst seven siblings of an artisan father.

Anita had a traumatic experience whilst helping with the birthing of twins. One of the babies succumbed to multiple complexities and lost her life and the second baby lost her ability to speak and hear due to over-medicalization and non-availability of trained medical staff. This experience made her realize the importance of quality maternal care.

She vowed to try and ameliorate birthing mothers’ traumatic experiences and alleviate their pain as best as she could by providing them with compassionate care. Guided by her will-power and a deep sense of purpose, at the age of 34, she underwent the training required for a staff nurse, and since then, has not looked back.

She recalls herself being very naïve, but her will to want to do good for others and with the continuous training provided to her at work made her excel in the role of a staff nurse. She was ably supported by her family as well.

According to her, “there is no greater joy than bringing a healthy life into this world.” Her long work shifts, which sometimes extend to 14-15 hour days, do not deter her. In fact, the longer she works the more contented she feels. More often than not, she exceeds the already arduous call of duty. Along with a team of 8 members, she handles 150-200 births in a month. She also provides training to ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife), other staff nurse and LHV (Lady Health Visitors).

Anita’s natural tendency to care and emphatize with her patients as people has had a significant impact on the care experience of the patients. She is a beacon of hope and positivity for the lives she touches.

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